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Gandhi Tandoori has been opened for over 30 years establishing itself as one of the best Indian restaurants in St Pauls Bay if not Malta.

We use unique recipes that are traditionally used in each Indian state and have carefully selected fully experienced Indian chefs from various regional states of India that specialise in local dishes.

We are located in St Pauls Bay located oposite Sijon Iron Mongeries. We welcome you to our restaurant and promise you a dine out the Indian way.

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Vegan & Gluten Free Buffet

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Traditional Buffet

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Special Occasion Party

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Traditional Indian Beer and Sweets

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Management Statement

Hi, my name is Dax and I am the owner of Gandhi Tandoori restaurant. Running an Indian restaurant in Malta can sometimes be hard when it comes to finding unique Indian recipes and after hard work and research I have managed to resource suppliers that bring fresh produce as well as spices traditional to India.

Myself and my team are very proud of where Gandi Tandoori is today, it has established itself as a respected and highly rated Indian restaurant in Malta due to the freshness and unique experience that you get.

We have won many awards which include Gusto "Malta Most Popular Indian", "Certificate of Excellence", Delicata Wine Platinum Distinction and much more